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By international standards, Singapore’s state of health is good. Rising standards of living, high standards of education, good housing, safe water supply and sanitation, high quality medical services and the active promotion of preventive medicine, have all helped to significantly boost the health of Singaporeans.

Singapore's medical facilities are among the finest in the world, with well qualified doctors and dentists, many trained overseas. Singapore’s well-established healthcare system comprises a total of 13 private hospitals, 10 public (government) hospitals and several specialist clinics, each specializing in and catering to different patient needs, at varying costs.

With well-respected doctors trained in the best centres around the world, internationally-accredited hospitals and speciality centres, a global reputation as a medical convention and training centre, a fast-growing basic and clinical research hub, it's no wonder that Singapore has established itself as a leading medical hub, serving medical travellers from around the world.

Every year, more than 400,000 international patients visit Singapore for a whole range of healthcare services. Some come for health screening, others for eye, heart and brain surgeries or cancer treatment. Whether their needs are basic or complex, patients find assurance in Singapore's world-class healthcare system which emphasises safety and pushes the boundaries of excellence.

With easy access to Singapore healthcare, medical travelers stand to reduce their overall cost whether they are insured or not. On average, a US medical traveler to Singapore pays a mere third of what similar treatment would cost back home. By 2010 an estimated 6 million Americans are expected to travel overseas for medical treatment.

In Singapore, the Government has a fund for the development and implementation of new medical technologies, so the investment costs don't get passed to our patients. A typical spinal operation in Singapore costs about US$15,000, compared to about US$70,000 for a similar operation in the US.

North American and other international patients are comfortable visiting Singapore's clean and modern city. The low incidence of crime, prevalent use of English and high level of service and hospitality is very well received by them.

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Healthcare Destination

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