Future Explore 2018

Future of Information and Communication Conference (FICC) 2018

5-6 April 2018, Singapore

FICC 2018 aims to provide a forum for researchers from both academia and industry to share their latest research contributions and exchange knowledge with the common goal of shaping the future of Information and Communication.

In April 5-6, to explore discovery, progress, and achievements related to Communication, Data Science, Computing and Internet of Things.
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Singular Screens

28 Apr – 11 May
Screening Room, The Arts House 

The film programme for SIFA 2018, curated by the Asian Film Archive, features an international selection of exceptional new works celebrating independent voices across the world. From the adversity of fictive or real-life icons to the positions of the marginalised, the constellation of films hopes to respond to the general sentiment of the festival programming with ideas revolving around the notion of resistance and the experience of the individual.

Continuing the trend from past SIFA film programmes, this individualism can also be experienced and translated on screen through the singular visions embodied by the filmmakers. Valuing the ingenious and the risk-taking in cinema, Singular Screens hopes not only to be diverse in representation but bold in putting together its palette of cinematic adventures. Whether as illustrations of resilience, peculiarity or the extraordinary, the films and their characters will continue to project imagined futures and aspire for alternate possibilities amid larger circumstances.

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