Shopping in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most known shopping hubs in Asia. There you can find big brands, local favours, good bargains and amazing shopping conveniences. In Singapore shoppers are assured that the goods they purchased are literally genuine.

The Great Singapore Sale is a much awaited event in the island which is held during end of May till July of each year. During the event, the prices of goods go down immensely in all precincts. Shopaholics would surely enjoy pampering themselves during this best buy season.

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Orchard Road

Orchard Road is the famous shopping belt in the island. With its huge concentration of shopping malls from glitzy clothes, shoes, electronic goods, furniture, rugs, cosmetics, spas, food, hardware, to antiques everything one’s desired can be found in shopping centers in this area.

Some prominent shopping centres in the area are Centerpoint; Tangs Department Store (the shopping institution in Singapore), The Heeren and Wisma Atria. Tanglin Shopping Centre is the second oldest shopping centre located on the fringe of Orchard Road, this centre offers a number of shops dealing in antiques and curios, there are exquisite Afghanistan, Pakistani, Persian carpets as well as discreet tailors.


Chinatown is a place that should not be missed. Here you can find quality goods at a quite affordable price reasonably cheaper than the one in Orchard road. This shopping hotspot is filled with stalls touting their wares- clothes, pottery, plants, household items, traditional delicacies, jewellery and other traditional crafts. Asian antique statuette, antique wardrobe or cheap souvenir can easily find in the area.

Wander over the Pagoda Street, Smith Street, Temple Street and Trengganu St where the best bargains in town are seen. Shopping Complex around Chinatown offers not only Chinese products but also offers bargain galore in their wide-ranging varieties of conventional products.

Note: Chinatown Street Stalls are usually open from 11 am to 11 pm.


This street is named after the bloodthirsty race of pirates who lurked in the Straits before British arrived in Singapore. Used to be a red-light district known for its bars and transvestite prostitutes, at present this area is nothing more but a shopping hub. The Bugis Street has over 600 retail outlets offering a wide variety of quality trendy selections at reasonable prices, thus provide a unique shopping experience and surely a must-be-visit shopping spot for tourists. Parco Bugis Junction is a teenage heaven, with its distinct Japanese vibe with plenty of Japanese-themed shops and restaurants. There are also bazaars that sell all sort of vague knick knacks. The goods that are being sold here are more than 100% discounted than air-conditioned malls. Situated in the heart of Bugis is the Mobile City, the first Mobile Technology Superstore in Singapore offering the latest mobile gadgets.

Marina Bay

Artificially created land in 1970, Marina Bay area is now a commercial area known for its hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and the colossal Suntec City convention centre. Marina Bay shopping centres offer a wide gathering of international retailers such as Levis, Metro, French Connection, G2000 and others thus providing abundance of shopping opportunities for tourists and shoppers. The famous Marina Square has more than 300 brand name shops and huge bowling alley. Along the walkway of CityLink are range of specialty shops, outlets and cafes. The Suntec City Mall, the largest shopping centre in Singapore provides a luxurious shopping experience.

Little India (Serangoon Road)

The Serangoon Road offers India’s culture in Singapore. There are a lot of bargain items that trawling the stretch of Little India. Local shops offer mostly Indian products, from handicrafts to Kashmir silk, glittering silk-threaded saris to Indian-designed jewellery. There are also ready-made packets of spices, amulets, bridal ornaments that are sold at a very low price. The Mustafa Centre, this emporium-cum department store at the end of Serangoon Road is a huge bargain hunters ground where can practically find any item at the lowest prices. The Tekka Centre also known as KK Market is a bustling wet market filled with fresh vegetables, fish, flowers, meat and spices.

Practical Infos

For those travelers who shopped in Singapore they can have their 5% GST (Goods and Services Tax) refunded if they spent more than SGD300 at shops displaying a Tax Free Shopper Sticker. Shopping cheque given by the shops can cash in Global Refund counters in the airport. Shopping in Singapore is never ending. It’s a shopper’s paradise, up market department stores to flea markets, you can find them everywhere. Though most of the shops and malls are open from 10 am to 10 pm there are some shops that are open 24 hours a day these include Mustafa and Holland Village Cold Storage.

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